Bullseye - DVD

Bullseye - DVD


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ISBN: DVBEFormat: PAL DVDStarring: Paul Goddard, John Wood, Paul Chubb, Lynette Curran, Bruce Spence, Jerry Walker, John MellionRunning Time: 92 MinsCountry of Origin: AustraliaDirector: Carl SchultzYear Published: 1987DVD Region: All Region (World Wide)Age Group: General
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In 1860s Australia two men steal 1000 head of cattle from Queensland, including a priceless white bull from a ruthless property owner, and head across the harsh centre of Australia to sell their bounty in Adelaide.

Harry Walford and best mate Bluey McGurk are up to their necks in trouble as they traverse the rugged outback, dogged by the treacherous Purdy and Spence who will go to great lengths and stop at nothing to return the stolen cattle to its rightful owner Don McKenzie.

Based on a true story, and featuring a terrific supporting cast including Lynette Curran, Kerry Walker and John Meillon. Directed by Carl Shultz_(Travelling North) with superb cinematography by Oscar winner Dean Semler (Dances With Wolves), it is a rollicking Aussie adventure that according to David Stratton "positively zips along".

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