Roy Rogers - 3 TV Episodes - DVD

Roy Rogers - 3 TV Episodes - DVD
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ISBN: DVRRTVFormat: PAL DVDSeries: Roy RogersStarring: Roy Rogers, Dale EvansRunning Time: 77 MinsCountry of Origin: USADVD Region: 4 AustraliaAge Group: General Adult
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The "King of the Cowboys" Roy Rogers stars in three of his classic TV Episodes.

Roy investigates the local miser's claims that someone is breaking into his remote cabin but not stealing anything. Roy tries to convince the old man to come into town and bring any money he has hidden with him, but his advice is rejected with disastrous results.

An outlaw gang leader loses his prize horse that he has used to out-run many a posse. Realising he needs his trusty steed to steal $50,000 being shipped to the local bank, he forces Roy to find his horse in a hurry.

Thelma, a young and naive friend of Dale's, has fallen in love with a hard-nosed, vicious gangster named Chick Dillon. Dale must talk some sense into Thelma and make her see what kind of criminal Dillon really is before she winds up getting in some serious trouble.

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