Against the Wind - DVDs

Against the Wind - DVDs


Classic Australian Miniseries
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ISBN: DVATWFormat: PAL DVDSeries: Against the WindRated: M - Moderate themes & moderate violenceStarring: Mary Larkin, Jon English, Bryan Brown & Gerard KennedyRunning Time: 617 minsCountry of Origin: AustraliaDirector: George T. Miller & Simon WincerPublisher: UmbrellaYear Published: 1978DVD Region: All RegionAge Group: Adults
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This is one of my all time Australian mini series favourites. Definatley a keeper for me. By the way most of the shooting of Against the Wind was done in NSW and Old Sydney Town.

We sometimes have used copies of the book (but they go very quick) that came out around the same time of the series, and if your really lucky enough, you still might find the Magazine type book that came out, all about the making of 'Against the Wind'.

Teresa xox

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Based on true, historical accounts, 'Against the Wind' covers 15 years of Australia's most brutal Colonial past.

It tells the story of 18 year-old Mary Mulvane, who, along with her defiant brother Micheal (Bryan Brown), challenges Sovereign law and must live with the consequences of her actions. Unfairly charged, Mary is sentenced to serve seven years as a convict, transported from Ireland to New South Wales in 1798.

Destined to overcome the misery of a repressed life, Mary's journey represents a grueling chapter of the Australian experience....Mary forges a heartfelt and lasting friendship with fellow convict Jonathan Garrett (Jon English) and is thrust into the precarious plight of convicts and settlers alike...Stunningly recounts Mary's epic journey, set against some of the most turbulent backdrops of Australian history including the Castle Hill Rebellion of 1804 and the 1808 Rum Rebellion.

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