All About the Rodeo, also includes All About the Circus - Region 1 (NTSC) - DVD

All About the Rodeo, also includes All About the Circus - Region 1 (NTSC) - DVD


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ISBN: DVAATRFormat: DVDSeries: Rodeo & CircusRunning Time: Approx. 68 minsDVD Region: 1 NTSCAge Group: Children
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A magical Genie takes you to a trip to the circus, see elephants, trapeze, horses, chinese acrobats, a fun circus with clowns too. Learn to sing the circus song.

Another song to sing along, in all about Rodeos and watch roping, barrel racing, and rodeo events for kids.

This DVD will have children wanting to watch it again and again.
Teresa xox

Product Overview

2 Exciting Fun-Filled Adventures with Funny Clowns, Bucking Broncos and More! Featuring Hard Hat Harry. For kids of all ages!

THE RODEO - Saddle up for a real Wild West rodeo! Say howdy to national rodeo champions and learn a few tricks before headin' to the rodeo's Grand Entry. You'll learn the ropes and the rules of sheep riding, barrel racing and pole bending.

You'll get a close-up look at the cowpokes brave enough to compete in team ropin' and chute doggin'. And you'll get so close to the rodeo arena, you'll almost feel the dust kick up all around you. Cowboy Up!

THE CIRCUS - Your Big Top Adventure starts here! It's three rings of circus fun as you learn the secrets of the Human Cannonball, how to train a wild leopard, and what it takes to be a high-flying aerialist....Get ready for your curtain call.

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