For Valour - DVD

For Valour - DVD


The stories of men and actions worthy of the Victoria Cross... our highest honour.
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ISBN: DVFVALFormat: DVDSeries: Australians at WarRated: M - War themes & violenceRunning Time: Feature Length 62 minsCountry of Origin: AustraliaDirector: John PercivalPublisher: UmbrellaYear Published: 1985DVD Region: ALLAge Group: Adults
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This will give you goosebumps to hear and watch re-enactments of these very brave acts of courage. Ordinary men and what lengths they go, for their mates and fellow soldiers.

In awe and respect for our war veterans,
Teresa xox

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The Victoria Cross is the most coveted and honoured decoration available to members of the Australian Defence Force.

Journey down the Remebrance Highway, from Sydney to Canberra's Australian War Memorial where 22 ordinary Australians are remembered for their extraordinary deeds of courage and sacrifice.

Recipients of the Victoria Cross, their stories are inspiring, their legacy indisputable. From as far back as the 1857 Sepoy Rebellion 96 soldiers associated with Australia have received this honour - among them Neville (later Major General) Howse who faced enemy fire during the second Boer War to rescue a fallen trumpeter. Despite being shot in the neck and chest John Edmondson risked and lost his life at the siege of Tobruk to aid an officer in distress and during the Vietnam War Keith Payne went behind enemy lines to aid the rescue of about 40 injured and lost soldiers.

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