Velvet Noses - Spirited Lessons from the Horses We Love

Velvet Noses - Spirited Lessons from the Horses We Love


A lovely gift book with inspiring messages.
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ISBN: 9780736921022Format: HardcoverPages: 31Country of Origin: USAAuthor: Ellis, AldaPublisher: Harvest House PublishersSize: 18.5x18.5cm
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Horses have long captured our imagination and love with their beauty, grace, and intelligence. Their gentle-yet-spirited natures, natural curiosity, and willingness to befriend people draw us to them.

In this beautifully illustrated, full-color gift book, bestselling author Alda Ellis shares her journey from hesitation to love as she welcomed three new members into her family- Amigo-powerful and majestic Cheyenne-high-spirited and graceful Old Major-wise and dependable

Readers will be drawn into the wonder of these special creatures as Alda shares how they enriched her life. These wonderfully poignant stories reveal life truths that include love is freely given, every animal is unique, and wisdom isn't just a human trait. Delightful country scenes from Alda's vintage collection of art evoke a life of joyful activity and peaceful rest

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