Pony Express Rider - Region 1 (NTSC) DVD

Pony Express Rider - Region 1 (NTSC) DVD


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ISBN: DVPERFormat: NTSCSeries: Adventure movieRated: GStarring: Stewart Peterson, Henry Wilcoxon & Buck TaylorRunning Time: 96 minsCountry of Origin: USADirector: Robert TottenYear Published: 1976DVD Region: Region 1 (USA)Age Group: Family
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Jimmy D's father was shot dead in cold blood, and now, he desperately wants to avenge his death.

All he knows is the killer headed - west - so Jimmy D joins the Pony Express in hopes of crossing paths with the murderer on the run.

As he races across the plains and desert, through sleepy settlements and frontier towns Jimmy D carries both the U.S. mail and the memory of his father.

A rousing Western adventure with a coming-of-age story at its heart, 'Pony Express Rider' is also a genuine look at America's vibrant past.

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