Flicka/Flicka 2:Friends Forever - DVD Movie Double

Flicka/Flicka 2:Friends Forever - DVD Movie Double


Terrific Movie Double Pack!
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ISBN: DVF1&2BSFormat: PALSeries: FlickaCountry of Origin: USAAge Group: Family

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This is a terrific family movie double featuring both the terrific Flicka remakes.

All headstrong 16 year-old Katy McLaughlin (Lohman) longs for is to work on her family's mountainside horse ranch - yet her father (McGraw) insists she finish boarding school.

So when Katy finds a mustang in the hills, she sets out to tame the horse and prove she can one day take over the struggling ranch. But when tradegy strikes, it will take all the love and strength the family can muster to restore hope in this sweeping, heartwarming epic the whole family will love.

FLICKA 2: Friends Forever

When her grandmother is diagnosed with dementia, skateboarder Carrie McLaoughlin (Tammin Sursok) is forced to leave the pavement of the big city behind to go live with her estranged father Hank on his horse ranch in Wyoming.

With her skateboard tightly in hand, and no ramps or cement in sight, Carrie feels completely alone and is determined to make it back to the city. While putting in her time at the ranch, Carrie makes an unlikely friendship with a wild horse named Flicka who is just as unhappy and alone as Carrie.

When Flicka is taken away and her life is in jeopardy, Carrie will stop at nothing to bring Flicka home safely where she belongs.

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