Thoroughbred Breeding, Pedigree Theories and the Science of Genetics - HB

Thoroughbred Breeding, Pedigree Theories and the Science of Genetics - HB
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ISBN: 9780851319353Format: Hard BackSeries: BreedingPages: 192Author: Binns, Dr Matthew & Morris, TonyAge Group: AdultSize: 20 x 25.5
1st Edition
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This isn't the cheapest book but it is extremely interesting. I would not only recommend it for thoroughbred breeders, but anyone who is interested in the science of genetics. It covers all sorts of interesting topics such as the genetic inheritance of coat colours, athletic performance, body type and the art of selective breeding, all written in an easy to understand way. A lot of these type of books are veterinary textbooks and you almost need a Phd to make any sense of them, but this one has been specificially written for the horseman, and makes for an invaluable assest to any breeding programme.

Jody xxxx

Product Overview

There are still many unknowns in the breeding of Thoroughbreds, but the international research coalition known as the Equine Genome Project is facilitating many new, exciting discoveries.

Dr. Matthew Binns is a leader of the project, an enterprise set up to map the equine genome and with racing historian and bloodstock authority Tony Morris has written this important book on the theory, practice, art and science of Thoroughbred breeding.

It has been the author's endeavour to present information in a form that may be readiluy understood by anyone who shares a love of the Thoroughbred and a fascination with what makes it what it is. packed with absorbing history and cutting-edge science, this is a fascinating and illuminating book.

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