Misfits - DVD

Misfits - DVD


Gable and Monroe in their last screen roles!
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ISBN: DVMISFITFormat: DVD - Black and whiteSeries: Classic movieRated: PGStarring: Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe & Montgomery CliftRunning Time: Feature length Approx. 120 minsCountry of Origin: USAAuthor: Miller, ArthurDirector: John HustonYear Published: 1961DVD Region: 4 PALAge Group: Adults

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This movie is an absolute classic and a must for all movie collectors. I have been really surprised at how many people don't know about it, as it was the last movie that both Clarke Gable and Marilyn Munroe ever made. Poor Clarke died within two days of the end of filming, and Marilyn was dead within six months.

It didn't have a great deal of success when it was first released, however it is very highly critically acclaimed. Many critics say it was Marilyns' best performance ever, proving without a doubt she had the ability to be a a great dramatic actress. Sadly she was just never given the opportunity, instead forever being type-cast as the ditzy blonde.

The story was also written by Marilyn's very famous playwright husband Arthur Miller, however they were going through the breakdown of their marriage throughout the shoot, and Marilyn drank heavily and rarely turned up on time for filming. The director John Huston was also frequently drunk throughout, but continued filming without causing too many problems.

All in all it's a great movie. Perhaps not one for those just looking for a great action adventure, but if you're a serious movie buff, then it's one you must have in your collection.

Jody xxxxxxxxx

PS Some of the horse scenes are a bit harrowing (especially the breaking-in) so be careful if the young or sensitive are watching.

Product Overview

The 'Misfits' is a probing, exciting drama of honesty, intensity and sheer poetic brilliance.

Divorced and disillusioned, Roslyn Tabor (Marilyn Monroe) befriends a group of "misfits," including an aging cowboy (Clark Gable), a heartbroken mechanic (Eli Wallach) and a worn-out rodeo rider (Montgomery Clift).

Through their live-for-the-moment lifestyle, Roslyn experiences her first taste of freedom, exhilaration and passion.

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