Moosie - DVD

Moosie - DVD


Family Adventure with an old family mule
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ISBN: DVMOOSFormat: PALSeries: Family AdventureRated: PGStarring: Gary Hansbrough, Leslie Henson & Aaryn SmithRunning Time: 84 minsCountry of Origin: USADirector: Sheri KazYear Published: 1999DVD Region: All RegionAge Group: Family

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John grudgingly agrees to spend a long weekend with his wife Laura and their young daughter Carla in the mountains with Laura's parents.

John and Laura's relationship is near breaking point because of John's preoccupation with business and Laura hopes these few days will help John relax and appreciate both her and their child a little more...

They have fun with with Moosie - the old family mule...As the family load their car to head home, Carla's grandfather gives her a kitten as a surprise, but in the rush to pack, the kitten gets loose and runs off into the woods.

Carla chases after it and before long both she and the kitten are lost in the dense forest... Moosie to the rescue.

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