Sirens - DVD

Sirens - DVD


From the Director of 'The Year My Voice Broke' Includes ABC Lively Arts Interview with Norman Lindsay
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ISBN: DVSIRFormat: DVDSeries: Australian FilmRated: MA - Medioum level sex scenes, nudityStarring: Sam Neill, Hugh Grant & Elle MacPhersonRunning Time: Feature 90 minsCountry of Origin: Australian/UKDirector: John DuiganPublisher: UmbrelaYear Published: 1993DVD Region: All PALAge Group: Adult
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It is 1930's Australia and debonair, forward-thinking young clergyman, Anthony Campion (Hugh Grant) has arrived from England with his wife Estella (Tara Fitzgerald) to find a scandal brewing.

Notorious bohemian Norman Lindsay (Sam Neill) is exhibiting a picture that has outraged the church establishment, and the Bishop of Sydney prevails on Anthony to visit the painter and negotiate its withdrawal.

The couple travel to beautiful Blue Mountains and spend several days with the Lindsay family and three free-spirited models (Elle MacPherson, Kate Fischer and Portia De Rossi) who are posing for a nude painting of the legendary Sirens.

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