Ride Around the World DVD- Region 1 NTSC

Ride Around the World DVD- Region 1 NTSC


INTERNATIONAL DVD. An ALL-REGION PLAYER may be required for the correct play-back of this DVD
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ISBN: DVRATWFormat: DVDRunning Time: Feauture 40 mins Extras 23 minsDirector: Harry LynchYear Published: 2006DVD Region: 1 NTSCAge Group: Family
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'Ride Around the World' took three years in the making, the scenery is stunning, would look great on a BIG screen. Music to suit the countries. It was especially nice to see Chile in this mix of countries.

Teresa xox

Product Overview

Originally created for Exhibition in IMAX Theatres.
Take a wild ride to discover the amazing 1,200-year global history of the cowboy.

Rope wild bulls on one of the most famous American ranches. Swim with horses through the watery Argentine back country. Stage an attack on the casbah with Moroccan mounted warriors. Gallop over mountaintops in spectacular British Columbia. Journey on horseback through these exotic landscapes and many more as you 'Ride Around The World!'

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