Elite Ambition

Elite Ambition


A new class starts at Canterwood Crest.
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Code: CWC10ISBN: 9781442403826Format: PaperbackSeries: Canterwood CrestPages: 211Country of Origin: USAAuthor: Burkhart, JessicaPublisher: AlladinAge Group: Young Adult (Teenagers)Size: 13 x 20 cms
1st Edition
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I am soooooo hooked on this series. When Jody said she had book 10 of the series in, I had to have it ASAP and of course sat down and read it in one go. The next one had better be here soon, I can't wait........!!!!


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Sasha Silver. Canterwoods new "it" girl?

It seems that Sasha Silver has become the hottest new thing since the Mulleavy sisters' spring line. The Trio has welcomed her with open arms, a popular new girl as tagged Sasha as her insta-BFF, and she's the fiercest she's ever been in the arena.

Now if she could only figure out a way to deal with her old friends Paige and Callie and that boy she's sorta-kinda-always liked ...

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Young Adult (Teenagers)

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