Chino (also known as Valdez's Horses) - DVD

Chino (also known as Valdez's Horses) - DVD
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ISBN: DVCHINOFormat: NTSCRated: PGStarring: Charles Bronson, Vincent Van Patten, Jill IrelandRunning Time: 97 MinsCountry of Origin: USADirector: John SturgesYear Published: 1973DVD Region: AllAge Group: General Adult
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Few westerns have captured longing, quiet hope and irreversible sadness as well as Chino (also known as The Valdez Horses) directed by the legendary John Sturges.

Chino (Charles Bronson) is a horse breeder on the American Southwest frontier. He considers himself a loner, so when young runaway Jimmy (Vincent Van Patten) rides to his isolated home and asks for work, Chino is reluctant at first. So is Jimmy himself, when he realizes that Chino is half Mexican. Chino lets Jimmy stay on, and over the next few weeks their relationship grows warmer. However, every time Chino visits the nearest town, he finds himself in a fight with racist townfolk.

Chino's neighbour, uncomfortable that his sister (Jill Ireland) is attracted to Chino, tries to drive him away and claim his horses. Chino realises that soon he must take a stand or be forced to leave.

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