Dick Turpins Greatest Adventures TV Series - DVD

Dick Turpins Greatest Adventures TV Series - DVD
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ISBN: DVDTGAFormat: PALSeries: Dick TurpinRated: PGStarring: Richard O'Sullivan, Patrick Macnee, Oliver Tobias, Donald PleasenceRunning Time: 125 minsCountry of Origin: UKYear Published: 1981DVD Region: 4Age Group: General Family
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A popular series which was notable for its cast, Dick Turpin is action-packed with adventures that chronicle the exploits of England's most celebrated highwayman.

Along with his trusted young sidekick Swiftnick, Turpin dodges the ever-present threat of capture, doing some good deeds along the way and evading the attentions of the villainous Sir John Glutton, who tracks his every move.

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