Breaking Free (Unabridged) - Audio CDs

Breaking Free (Unabridged) - Audio CDs


Read by Pam Ward
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ISBN: 9781433202056Format: Audio CDs - 8Series: AudioRunning Time: 9.5 hoursAuthor: Snelling, LauraineAge Group: Adult

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When her reckless driving brought unimaginable tragedy, Maggie Roberts found herself in prison grieving for the loss of her son. During the course of her ten-year sentence, she found a renewed purpose working with retired Thoroughbred racehorses.

But now she's faced with the transition back into society, starting over yet again and alone in the world - until she meets Gil Winters.

Gil is a single father seeking a new form of therapy for his wheelchair-bound son, Edward. Confined to his own prison of doubt and distrust, he still struggles daily with the memory of being abondoned by first his mother and then his drug-addicted ex-wife. But as he gets to know Maggie during his son's therapy sessions with her horses, the issues of trust and old wounds that haunt both Maggie and Gil begin to fade.

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