Riding Freedom - PB

Riding Freedom - PB


AWARD WINNER! California Young Reader Medal and Parenting Reading Magic Award 1998.
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ISBN: 9780439087964Format: PaperbackPages: 138 pagesCountry of Origin: USAAuthor: Munox Ryan, PamAge Group: Children (Primary School)
Award Winner

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Here is another of my favourite kind of book .... historical fiction. This one is by the very highly acclaimed author Pam Munoz Ryan and it doesn't disappoint. It's not a difficult read and is interesting right from the opening page. All that coupled with some lovely black and white illustrations make this book a great choice for primary school age children.

Jody xx

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She had the courage to follow her dreams! Charlotte Parkhurst was raised in an orphange for boys, which suited her just fine. She didn't like playing with dolls, she could hold her own in a fight, and she loved to work in the stable.

Charlotte had a special way with the horses and wanted to spend her life training and riding them on a ranch of her own.

The problem was, as a girl in the mid 1800s, Charlotte was expected to live a much different life; one without the freedoms she dreamed of. But Charlotte was smart and determined, and she figured out a way to live her life the way she wanted.

Charlotte became an expert horse rider, a legendary stagecoach driver, and the first woman ever to vote. And she did these things at a time when they were outlawed for women.

How? With a plan so clever and so secret almost no one figured it out.

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Children (Primary School Age)

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