Dream of Night - HB

Dream of Night - HB


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ISBN: 9781416948995Format: HardbackPages: 218Country of Origin: USAAuthor: Henson, HeatherAge Group: ChildrenSize: 14.5 x 21.5 cms
1st Edition
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Equitainment's Comments

Here is another book that I really took a liking to. It's written in the most contemporary of styles. Short, sharp sentences with plenty of space around them, together with brief, insightful chapters. Written in the thrid person narrative, each chapter jumps back and forth from the perspective of the three main characters, Dream of Night, Shiloh and Jessalyn. It's a style that takes a little bit of getting used to, but the impact it creates is very impressive and it's brilliant for getting your brain cells working.

The book doesn't hold back on the abuse and violence either, although it is only there to let the reader understand how great the suffering of all three characters has been. In other words, there is a point to it. And of course there is a happy ending with a clear message. It's not how many ribbons you win or how many points you score in life that makes you a success. Sometimes the biggest victories are gained from the very smallest of achievements.

I would recommend this book to young, insightful readers who are looking for something a little different. Excellent for honing young reader's english comprehension skills too. While to book isn't difficult to read, the reader has no choice but to think about what is going in order to keep up with the story.

It's a great read and one I would recommend.

Jody xxxx

Product Overview

Untamable. Damaged. Angry.
Once full of promise and life, now lost in the shadows of abuse. This is Dream of Nights story .., and it is also Shiloh's.

One is a Thoroughbred racehorse, the other a twelve-year-old foster child. By chance they both find themselves under the care of Jessalyn DiLima, a final stop for each before the state takes more drastic measures. If this doesn't work out, the girl will be sent to a "residential facility" and the horse to a vet ... for euthanising.

This is their last chance, so why are they both so resistant? And why can't they see the Jess's life is not as easy as it seems? She fosters animals and children like them for a reason. She's broken too. And, like Shiloh and Dream of Night, Jess knows what it means to have lost nearly everything you love.

A story of hope and healing, Dream of Night reminds us all that the most important bonds in life are never forged by force, and that the darkness of night will eventually give way to dawn.

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