Lean on Pete - PB

Lean on Pete - PB
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ISBN: 9780571235728Pages: 224Country of Origin: USAAuthor: Vlautin, Willy
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A box full of new releases came in this week and as usual, I grabbed a handful to take home without taking a lot of notice of what they were. I started reading this book thinking it was a book for teenagers and was totally stunned. Let me warn you ... THIS BOOK IS BLEAK!

Coming from a normal middle-class background in a very affluent country, it is seldom I come across the kind of poverty and neglect the people in this book suffer on a day to day basis. To make this doubly shocking is the way the horses are treated by the very lowest ranks of the racing community.

I've read a lot of reviews for this book with the great majority of them raving about how great it is. Most people however, comment on the same things. How tough Charley's life is and what he does to survive and overcome adversity. Very little is written on the plight of the equine equivalent of this poverty-stricken section of society. Of course we know there are horses as well as many other domestic animals in the world suffering cruelty and neglect, but this book brings it all smashing home.

I'm very lucky here in my work as I have access to the most amazing array of equestrian fiction and movies, but the downside is that I become very jaded by the same formula being used over and over again. This book is different and I enjoyed every minute of it. It's not a big read (I knocked it over in a night) but it is very impactful, imbedding itself in your mind. At the end of the day, isn't a memorable experience what we all looking for in a good book?

If you enjoyed reading S E Hinton's "The Outsiders" (stay gold Ponyboy) when you were a teenager, then you'll enjoy this book too and it's one I'm highly recommending.

Jody xxxx

Product Overview

Fifteen-year-old Charley Thompson wants a home; food on the table; a high school he can attend for more than part of a year; and some structure in his life.

But as the son of a single father working at warehouses across the Pacific Northwest, he's been pretty much on his own for some time.

Lean on Pete opens as he and his father arrive in Portland, Oregon and Charley takes a stables job, illegally, at the local race track. Once part of a vibrant racing network, Portland Meadows is now seemingly the last haven for washed up jockeys and knackered horses, but it's there that Charley meets Pete, an old horse who becomes his companion as he's forced to try to make his own way in the world.

A portrait of a journey - populated by a vivid cast of characters against a harsh landscape - Lean on Pete is also the unforgettable story of a friendship and hope in dark times.


Born and raised in Reno, Nevada, Vlautin started playing guitar and writing songs as a teenager and quickly became immersed in music. It was a Paul Kelly song, based on Raymond Carver’s Too Much Water So Close to Home that inspired him to start writing stories. Vlautin has published three novels, THE MOTEL LIFE (2007) and NORTHLINE (2008) and LEAN ON PETE (2010).

Vlautin founded the band Richmond Fontaine in 1994. The band has produced nine studio albums to date, plus a handful of live recordings and EP’s. Driven by Vlautin’s dark, story-like songwriting, the band has achieved critical acclaim at home and across Europe.

Vlautin currently resides in Scappoose, Oregon, and has just released Richmond Fontaine’s album We Used to Think the Freeway Sounded Like a River. His third novel, LEAN ON PETE, is due out in winter/spring 2010. An avid fan of horseracing, Vlautin can often be found writing behind a closed circuit monitor at Portland Meadows racetrack.

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