Break of Day - DVD

Break of Day - DVD


Gallipolo Gave Him Anger. She Gave Him Passion.
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ISBN: DVBODFormat: DVDSeries: Australian movieRated: M - Recommended for mature audiencesStarring: Andrew McFarlane & Sara KestelmanRunning Time: Feature length 102 mins.Country of Origin: AustraliaDirector: Ken HannamYear Published: 1976DVD Region: ALL PAL FormatAge Group: Adult
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Tom Cooper (Andrew McFarlane) is a young married man recently returned from Gallipoli to small town country life. Tom is dissatisfied with life and disinterested in his pregnant wife.

He begins an affair with an artist, Alice (Sara Kestelman), who has rented a cottage by the beach for her painting. However the arrival of Alices' friends complicates their newfound relationship.

A wonderful period drama from the producer of 'Picnic at Hanging Rock'. Also starring: John Bell & Ingrid Mason

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