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Kangaroo - DVD


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ISBN: DVKANGFormat: DVDSeries: AustralianRated: M - Recommended for mature audienceStarring: Colin Friels, Judy Davis, John Waltomn & Julie NihillRunning Time: Feature Length 100 minsCountry of Origin: AustraliaAuthor: Lawrence, D. H.Director: Tim BurstallYear Published: 1987DVD Region: All PAL FormatAge Group: Adult
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A story of power and prejudice, love and desire. D. H. Lawrence, one of the greatest modernist novelists, wrote Kangaroo as a semi-autobiographical account of his 1922 visit to Australia.

Pioneer Australian director Tim Burstall casts Colin Friels as mild-mannered English novilist Richard Somers and Judy Davis as his wife Harriet.

The Somers leave Europe in the early '20s for a new life in Australia. The couple are captivted by the openess and hospitality with which they are received, but they are soon enveloped in a web of political intrigue, adultry and murder as they become involved in battle between the rising trade unions and an underground fascist group led by "Kangaroo", the code-name for its charismatic but dangerous leader.

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