Horse Witch, The

Horse Witch, The


A powerful and vivid novel set in Iron-Age Scotland
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ISBN: 9317819009874Format: PaperbackPages: 408Country of Origin: EnglandAuthor: Fulton, SheilaAge Group: AdultSize: 11 x 18

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I do not know hwo first told me my mother was a witch and my father the wanton fool who lost his honour and his clan's and, in the end, his life, by marrying her.

No doubt it was my grandfather - he'd been knocking the tale of it into me ever since.

All his life, Arawn has heard the stories: how the Clan-lord Cernach drove the horse-people back to the islands in the Wild Sea, so that all that remained of them were memories and talk - of figures glimpsed by moonlight, of shape-shifters, and of a white horse which runs the darkness; how Roech fell in love with a beautiful priestess of the Horse-people, and brought her back to Nam Dubh as his wife; how it brought disgrace on them all, and sent the orphan Arawn and his grandfather into empty marshlands...

Arawn's sense of isolation deepens - until, at last, he feels compelled to search out his roots with the Horse-people.

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