Shiralee, The - TV Mini Series - DVD

Shiralee, The - TV Mini Series - DVD


Classic Australian Mini-Series.
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ISBN: DVSHIRFormat: DVDRated: PG - Mild themes, mild violenceStarring: Bryan Brown, Rebecca Smart & Noni HazlehurstRunning Time: Approx. 190 minsCountry of Origin: AustraliaAuthor: Niland, D'arcyDirector: George OgilvieYear Published: 1987DVD Region: PAL Region 4Age Group: Family
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The crittically-acclaimed Australian mini-series starring Bryan Brown and Rebecca Smart, presented in its original uncut tV format of two 90-minute episodes.

Returning home from the outback, Macauley (Bryan Brown) finds his wife in bed with another man. In the heat of the moment he vents his anger by taking custody of their young daughter Buster (Rebecca Smart) and heads for the backblocks of South Australia.

Macauley the loner, the streetfighter with blood on his knucles, a chip on his shoulder and anger in his heart, finds himself stuck with a four-year-old daughter in tow.

Mac struggles with his ill-chosen role of father and mother to the child which is his, but whom he does not know. His resentment grows as Buster intrudes into the world Macauley forged for himself alone.

For 'Shiralee' means burden. But his daughter is a burden which Macauley must come to embrace.

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