The Tracker - DVD

The Tracker - DVD
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ISBN: DVTRACFormat: DVDSeries: OutbackRated: M - Adult themes, medium level violenceStarring: David Gulpilil, Gary Sweet, Grant PageRunning Time: 90 minsCountry of Origin: AustraliaDirector: Rolf de HeerYear Published: 2002DVD Region: AllAge Group: Adult
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All men choose the path they walk. The Australian outback, 1922...four men relentlessly track a fugitive, an Aboriginal man accused of murder.

In charge of the expedition is the Fanatic (Gary Sweet), calculating and complex. The Follower (Damon Gameau) is new to the frontier, a greenhorn. The Veteran (Grant Page) is along for the ride, placing thoughts before action. But all three whites are dependent on the mysterious figure of the Black Tracker.

When an interrogation of a small group of bush blacks turns into a massacre, pararnoia sets in, and the question becomes not will the fugitive be caught, but what is black and what is white...and who is leading whom?

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