Time of the Wolf - DVD

Time of the Wolf - DVD
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ISBN: DVTOTWFormat: DVDRated: PG - Mild violence, Mild themesStarring: Burt Reynolds & Jason PriestleyRunning Time: Approx. 87 minsCountry of Origin: Garmany/CanadaAuthor: MacDonald, Thomas A.Director: Rod PridyYear Published: 2002DVD Region: ALL PALAge Group: Family

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A heartwarming family drama about finding friendship in the unlikeliest places!

Young Aaron McGregor is orphaned and sent to live with an emotionally distant aunt and uncle who reluctantly takes him in while wrestling with their own personal demons. To make matters worse, he is picked on mercilessly by the school bully.

When he discovers a wounded wolf cub on a nearby hill, he takes it in and begins secretly caring for it.

As his new friend becomes increasingly more difficult to hide, Aaron and the cub grow more and more dependent on each other for their emotional and physical survival.

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