Georges and the Jewels, The - HB (Nobody's Horse)

Georges and the Jewels, The - HB (Nobody's Horse)
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Code: JS01ISBN: 9780375862274Format: Hard BackPages: 232Author: Smiley, JaneAge Group: Young AdultSize: 14.5 x 22
1st Edition

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So, Ornery George and I had a secret. It was that he was going to do things his way, and I was going to let him, and we were going to get along more or less on that basis.

This is not a good secret to have with your horses, because it gives him the upper hand. You always know that there might be something you could ask him to do that he would say no to, but you dont really know what its going to be, and you're a little afraid of finding out.

But I was too chicken to argue, either with Ornery George or with Daddy, so I kicked him into a trot and went around well enough while Daddy said, "He's not a bad horse. Good-looking, nice mover, a little on the dull side. I think I made a good deal for him. He'll work out."

Secretly, Orney George and I said, 'I guess we'll see about that."

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