Curly, the littlest puppy - DVD

Curly, the littlest puppy - DVD
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ISBN: DVCLPFormat: DVDRated: GRunning Time: Approx. 47 minsCountry of Origin: Japan/USAYear Published: 1995DVD Region: ALLAge Group: Children
Equitainment Recommended

Product Overview

Dog is not only man's best friend...but a little girl's best friend too! When little Hayley Ardmore is forced to live with wicked Aunt Judith, her future seems pretty bleak...until Curly trots into the picture!

Curly is a scrappy, stray puppy who charms everyone he meets - everyone except Aunt Judith and her haughty prized Afghans. But even their constant snide remarks and snooty rejections can't discourage the clever, cunning canine!

Soon, though a daring and herioc rescue in the snowy Washington wilderness, Curly shows all of us how the power of friendship can work miracles, mend families and melt even the coldest heart.

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