Courage, The Cowardly Dog - DVDs

Courage, The Cowardly Dog - DVDs
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ISBN: 9322225060357Format: DVDs x 2Series: Courage the cowardly dogRated: PG - Mild scary scenesRunning Time: 291 minsCountry of Origin: USADirector: John DilworthYear Published: 1999 - 2002DVD Region: 4Age Group: Older children upwards
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The first episode Courage reminded me of my little dog being so scared of storms. Courage does a lot of howling, quite an interesting howl and screaming lol. Courage is devoted to Muriel and Muriel has her trusty weapon - a rolling pin. This little dog is very with it, he has his own computer (by the way my computer looks like his with all those wires lol) and uses his computer for help.


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Courage the Cowardly dog centres on the exploits of Courage, a small fuchsia dog who despite his name is afraid of the most mundane things.

However, his fear is usually warranted: Eustace, Muriel and Courage are constantly attacked by or run into various monsters, aliens, curses, natural disasters, and other forms of evil Courage must face.

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