Truce - DVD

Truce - DVD
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ISBN: DVTFormat: DVDSeries: WesternRated: PG - Mild coarse language and themesStarring: Buck Taylor, Barry Tubbs, Brad Johnson, George Kennedy & Samantha DrokeRunning Time: Approx. 107 minsCountry of Origin: USADirector: Matthew MarconiYear Published: 2005DVD Region: 4Age Group: Family (older children)
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Equitainment Recommended

Equitainment's Comments

Pretty bleak to start with nothing seems to go right, but good neighbours and friends help out when it gets to tough to cope alone and an added little romance for the grandfather. A very down to earth film, plight of modern ranching and the values of family.

One little blunder I thought - was to see a rancher thats tight for money actually cooking meat he bought from a shop.

Product Overview

This modern-day western set in northern California revolves around Harry Dodds who is raising his granddaughter after her mother dies tragically.

Harry struggles to overcome past mistakes, poor health and a bad economy in order to hold onto his ranch and live up to the promise he made to his daughter on her deathbed by providing a good home for his granddaughter.

The film strives to honour the American cattle rancher and their struggle to preserve the land and the western heritage.

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