Miracle at Sage Creek - DVD

Miracle at Sage Creek - DVD
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ISBN: DVMSCFormat: DVDSeries: WesternRated: PG - Mild violenceStarring: David Carradine, Wes Studi & Irene BedardRunning Time: 83 minsCountry of Origin: USADirector: James IntveldYear Published: 2005DVD Region: 4Age Group: Family
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A small town community that have good people that look out for each other, - "we all must pull together", on the other scale you have the cowboy/indian issues that still raises its ugly head, but in this movie some learn they is more to life.

The Wyoming Christmas without snow was a little hard to take in this picture, a few blunders and bloopers but on the whole a warm feel good movie.


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With a history of fueding, horse rustling and violence, the Franklin and Red Eagle families are well known rivals in the lawless western frontier.

When disaster strikes, these two families will be forced to confront their many differences as lives hang in the balance. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Wyoming's majestic open range, 'Miracle at Sage Creek' is an uplifting Western...a story of faith, filled with action and suspense...

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