Star Kingdom Dynasty, The - DVD

Star Kingdom Dynasty, The - DVD


Australia's most influential racing sire!
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ISBN: DVSKINGFormat: DVDRated: E - Exempt from classificationRunning Time: Approx 60 mins
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Even my non-horsey friend watched this and found it interesting, beautiful scenery, and of course the horses - and the people who had dreams against a lot of opposition, this one's a keeper for me!

Teresa xox

Product Overview

This cinematic gem once lost has now been recovered. Throughout the world, the desire to produce a champion thoroughbred racehorse stimulates intense study of bloodlines, character and nutrition.

Often this ambition is never achieved, sometimes achieved in part, and on rare occasions, achieved in full.

Star Kingdom has played a notable part in affording to numbers of breeders in Australia the intense gratification of realizing their ambitions in full. This is Star Kingdom's complete life story and of the spread of his influence around the world.

Born in Ireland in 1946 this pony sized thoroughbred was imported to Australia where he became the most potent force in the sport of Kings. Now his descendants circle the globe and his influence grows with the years.

Including unique footage never before seen, this unique documentary was produced in 1988 and is a must for any horse racing fan, produced now on DVD for the very first time.

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