A Time to Remember - 1930 - 1975 - DVDs

A Time to Remember - 1930 - 1975 - DVDs
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ISBN: DVATTRFormat: DVDs x 8Series: A Time to RememberRated: E - Exempt from ClassificationRunning Time: Approx. 800 minsCountry of Origin: AustraliaDVD Region: 4 PALAge Group: Family
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From 1929 The Fox Movietone and Cinesound newsreels played in cinemas across the country. They immortalised the famous, and the infamous, the eccentric and the battlers.

The images evoke the fads and fashions of each decade, and are homage to the memory of those individuals, who shaped twentieth century Australia. The commentaries encapsulate humour, sadness and empathy as well as prejudice, bitterness and ridicule.

This collection holds up a mirror to triumph and disaster, to the glorious and the banal, and demonstrates how ordinary Australians as well as its heroes moulded Australia as a nation.

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