Firehouse Dog - DVD

Firehouse Dog - DVD


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ISBN: DVFHDOGFormat: DVDRated: PG - Mild themesStarring: Josh Hutchenson, Bruce Greenwood, Bill Nunn & Scotch Ellis LoringRunning Time: Approx. 106 minsCountry of Origin: USA/CanadaDirector: Todd HollandYear Published: 2007DVD Region: 4 PALAge Group: Family
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Equitainment's Comments

Love some of the terms they use in this movie like 'the fast the the furriest' and 'durasic bark', makes you want to think up some of your own.

Right at the end of the movie are heaps of photos of winners in a photo/essay competition, I enjoyed them too.

Product Overview

Get your paws on a heartwarming comedy-adventure that's dog-gone fun for the whole family! Life is anything but ruff for Rex, Hollywood's hottest canine action hero.

But this top dog is about to hit rock bottom when an aerial movie stunt goes wrong and the pompous pooch finds himself lost and alone in an unfamiliar city.

Adopted by a rebellious 12 year-old boy, whose troubled dad commands the ragtag crew of a rundown fire station, Rex soon learns the true meaning of loyalty and friendship while performing the most heroic act of all bringing a father and son closer together.

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