Old Yeller - Walt Disney Family Collection

Old Yeller - Walt Disney Family Collection


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ISBN: DVOYELLFormat: DVDRated: GStarring: Dorothy McGuire, Fess Parker and Chuck ConnorsRunning Time: Approx 80 minsCountry of Origin: USADirector: Robert StevensonYear Published: 1957DVD Region: 4 PALAge Group: Family
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No film better captures the powerful emotions of hope, courage and friendship than Disney's treasured and much loved classic, OLD YELLER.

The quintessential tale of a boy's love for his dog has touched the hearts of millions, its enduring legacy growing with each new generation.

Set amidst the landscape of 1860's Texas - a young boy named Travis wants nothing to do with the lop-eared stray. But Old Yeller quickly proves himself a loyal friend, protecting the family farm and saving Travis' life. Soon, they become inseparable pals, sharing joyous experiences and learning valuable lessons about growing up.

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