The King of the Wild Horses (1924)/The Black Cyclone (1926) - Double Disc Collector's Edition DVDs

The King of the Wild Horses (1924)/The Black Cyclone (1926) - Double Disc Collector's Edition DVDs


Two Silent Cinematic Classics From Producer Hal Roach
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ISBN: DVKOTWHFormat: DVDs x 2, Black & white, silent moviesRated: Not RatedStarring: Rex the Wonder HorseRunning Time: Approx 126 minsCountry of Origin: USADirector: Hal RoachYear Published: 1924DVD Region: All RegionsAge Group: Family
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The King of the Wild Horses is in my collection of horse movies, wow is this one an oldie, I really enjoyed the experiece of watching this movie, I did cringe as Black took the flying leap over the gorge, what they made horses do in movies in those days. Those horses should be remembered for the work they did, they will always be the stars for me.


King of the Wild Horses - Rex, the hero (1933)
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Parade of the West - Mankiller (as Rex King of the Wild Horses) (1930)
The Harvest of Hate - Rex, the World's Greatest Horse (1929)
Hoofbeats of Vengeance - Rex, the Wonder Horse (1929)
Plunging Hoofs - Rex (1929)
Wild Blood - Rex, Mary's Horse (1929)
Two Outlaws - Rex, a Horse (as Rex King of the Wild Horses) (1928)
Guardians of the Wild - Rex, Leader of the Wild Horses (1928)
Wild Beauty - Thunderhoof, a horse (as Rex) (1927)
No Man's Law - Rex, a Wild Horse (1927)
The Devil Horse - The Devil Horse (as Rex - King of Horses) (1926)
Black Cyclone - Rex (as Rex the Wild Horse) (1925)
Lightning Romance - A Horse (1924)
The King of the Wild Horses - The Black (1922)

Product Overview

Not your typical Western, this film features Black - a powerful and cunning, wild stallion who is the leader of the herd.

Horse rancher, John Fielding is the father of two grown children. A son, Boyd, who is not very bright, and a daughter, Mary, who cowboy Billy Blair is smitten with. Fielding's head ranch hand, Galvin, has been forcing the son to help him steal Fielding's horses.

Blair is determined to capture the clever and agile Black but many men have tried and he has scorned. Black admires Blair's tenacity. Cowboy and horse ultimately form a common bond during a forest fire...

While trying to prove Galvin of being the horse thief, Blair is thrown over a cliff into the raging rapids and now Black risks his life to save Blair. Galvin is eventually caught, Blair wins the love of Mary and Black is allowed to return to the wild.

A cowboy and a wild horse find they have some things in common: both have have enemies out to get them and both must save their mates from danger. B/W Silent with musical score.

"'Black Cyclone' is an admirable picture which has been directed with studious ingenuity, and although horses are seen in the principal roles, there is never a dull instant in the narrative, which possesses its full quota of suspense and some delightful incidental comedy"

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