Picture Show Man, The - DVD

Picture Show Man, The - DVD


DVD Special Features and includes an exclusive interview with Hollywood legend Rod Taylor.
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ISBN: DVPSMFormat: DVDRated: GStarring: Rod Taylor, John Meillon, John Ewart, Sally Conabere, Harold Hopkins, Judy Morris & Garry McDonaldRunning Time: Approx. 99 minsCountry of Origin: AustraliaAuthor: Long, JoanDirector: John PowerYear Published: 1977DVD Region: ALLAge Group: Family
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The Picture Show Man is a lively, warm and witty comedy set in the twenties that chronicles the adventures of Maurice Pym (John Meillon), a flamboyant showman travelling the Aussie back roads unreeling silent films to country townsfolk.

Follow Pym, his hapless son Larry and Freddie the amorous piano tuner as they clash with rival showman Palmer - a loud-mouthed super-cool, ever-smiling American - brave hardships and heartbreaks in their misadventures on the road.

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