Picnic at Hanging Rock - DVD

Picnic at Hanging Rock - DVD


An Australian Masterpiece!
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ISBN: DVPAHRFormat: PALRated: PGStarring: Rachel Roberts, Dominic Guard, Helen Morse, Jackie WeaverRunning Time: 104 MinsCountry of Origin: AustraliaDirector: Peter WeirYear Published: 1975DVD Region: All RegionAge Group: Adult

Equitainment's Comments

This is one of my all-time favourite movies. I remember seeing it when I was a child and being totally mesmerised. This movie, along with the massive crush I had on David Gulpilil in "Walkabout", was a major contributor to the love I have a great cinema today.

One word of warning. Whatever you do, don't try and track down a copy of the "missing chapter" that tells you what happened to the girls. The chapter was removed by the publisher in the original book, but after the enormous success of the movie the authors' family went to court to have the final chapter released. It was a huge mistake. I'm sure they sold a lot of copies, but it was so silly it spoilt a little of the magic of the movie.

Now I've told you about it you'll probably want to know what's in it, but resist the tempation and let it go. I wish I did.

Jody xxxx

Product Overview

St Valentine's Day, 1900. On a beautiful summer's day a party of Australian schoolgirls from an exclusive finishing school giddily prepare for an excursion to Hanging Rock, a magnificent natural monument drenched in a mysterious atmosphere.

Among the white gloved pupils of Appleyard college are senior boarders, Miranda, Marion, Irma and Edith.

The girls gain permission to explore the upper slopes of the rock. Edith takes a nap and wakes to discover that the other three girls have removed their shoes and stockings and have resumed their trek as if in a dream, disappearing into a passageway in the rock itself.

Mathematics mistress Miss McCraw goes to investigate but neither she nor the other girls are ever seen again. They have vanished without a trace.

Based on the classic novel my Joan Lindsay, Picnic at Hanging Rock is both sublimely spooky and majestically beautiful.

Boasting visually hypnotic photography by Oscar winner Russell Boyd, a haunting score by Bruce Smeaton and the timeless ethereal beauty of Anne Louise Lambert as Miranda, Picnic at Hanging Rock helped revive the Australian film industry and established Director Peter Weir as a major international talent.

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