The Proud Rebel/The Missouri Traveller - DVD Double Feature

The Proud Rebel/The Missouri Traveller - DVD Double Feature
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ISBN: DVPRMTFormat: DVDRated: PG - Mild ViolenceRunning Time: 206 minsCountry of Origin: USADVD Region: ALL PALAge Group: Family
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For lovers of classic movies, this double pack is not a bad find. THE PROUD REBEL stars Olivia de Havilland in a role that is a little unusual from her stereotypical heroine. She does a great job as a life-hardened widow struggling to keep her farm going on her own. Alan Ladd is terrific as always but it's the debut film for his son David, who went on to become a child star in his own right. A great movie for dog lovers too.

THE MISSOURI TRAVELER stars Lee Marvin in a typical role for him as a crusty old miser. He comes in contact with a young run away, with a special gift with horses, who sets him on the straight and narrow.

All in all, it's not a bad movie double for both dog and horse lovers.

Jody xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Product Overview

THE PROUD REBEL - Proud Rebel Alan Ladd doggedly wanders the land looking for a doctor who can cure his mute son (portrayed by Ladd's real son, David Ladd). The warmth of a father's love and faith, the devotion of a boy for a dog...

The understanding of a strong woman portrayed by Olivia de Haviland, along with director Michael Curtiz combine to make Proud Rebel...

THE MISSOURI TRAVELER - Set during the turn of the century, this is the story of orphaned, fifteen-year old Brian Turner who trains horses for a living. Lee Marvin is brilliant as a wealthy hard-bitten land owner who gives tough lessons on growing up to a boy who has run away from reform school...

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