Truth About Horses, Friends, & My Life as a Coward - PB

Truth About Horses, Friends, & My Life as a Coward - PB


Hilarious. An absolute gem!
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ISBN: 9780761459910Format: PaperbackPages: 146Country of Origin: USAAuthor: Gibson, Sarah PAge Group: ChildrenSize: 16 x 24
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Again the front cover really got me in, then you open it up and see some of the illustrations and you just know that this is going to be a good read and it was super!!

Hahaha a great read and the little pony called Really - talk about attitude to burn!! Definately for the young at heart too!


I'm with Teresa on this one. I LOVED it.

One of my own earliest riding memories was sitting on the back of a shetland when I was about 3, which snatched an orange I was eating out of my hands, squirted its self in the eye, then promptly bit me on the foot. Obviously the whole thing was my fault, and more than likely involved a conspiracy theory.

That would have been something Really Mean (the Shetland in this book) could relate to. It is a children's book, but adults and parents will get a huge giggle from it as well.

Whoever said "life isn't meant to be easy" probably owned a horse.

Jody xxxxxxxxxxx

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"I think she's sweet," Lori said hugging Really good-bye. Maybe it was true that if you show horses you're the boss, they will obey you. Absently, I petted Really on the neck, and she whipped around and chomped my arm.

I screamed and ran for the fence with Really pounding after me, her hot breath searing my back. I dove through the gate to safety, and Really stopped, looked at me with complete and utter disdain, and then walked off.

Yup, she was boss - and we both knew it.

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