Bailey's Billions - DVD

Bailey's Billions - DVD
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ISBN: DVBB'SFormat: DVDRated: PGStarring: Dean Cain, Laurie Holden, Jennifer Tilly, Tim Curry & Max BakerRunning Time: Approx. 90 minsCountry of Origin: CanadaDirector: David DevineYear Published: 2005DVD Region: 4 PALAge Group: Family

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It's one doggone lucky pooch, a sweet and savvy talking golden retriever, Bailey, who inherits a billion-dollar fortune from his devoted owner, Constance Pennington.

His shy guardian Ted, a renowned animal behaviorist and the only one who can speaj 'Doggish," becomes attracted to Marge, an enviromental and animal activist. Marge works at the Animal Rights and Research Foundation and is the single mother of a 12-year-old girl named Sam. At the same time, Bailey leaps head-over-tail in puppy love with Sam's dog Tessa, a super smart border collie.

It's one hilarious 'faux paw' after another until Bailey suddenly disappears. Then only Sam, her friend, Max and the dogs themselves can solve the mystery in this delightful family comedy.

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