Wild Horse Redemption, The - Region 1 DVD

Wild Horse Redemption, The - Region 1 DVD


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ISBN: DVWHRFormat: DVDRated: Not RatedRunning Time: Approx. 91 mins with extrasCountry of Origin: USADirector: John ZaritskyYear Published: 2007DVD Region: NTSCAge Group: Adult
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Pity Australia doesnt have something like this happening, brilliant idea both animal and the human. This program teaches patience and perserverance and a sense of achivement. If you would like to know more about this program there is a website - http://www.coloradoci.com

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Can Two Creatures help each other to a better Life? Wild horses have long roamed the American West.

To keep populations stable and sustainable on public lands, thousands of these magnificent creatures are taken from their herds each year and trained, sold, or put out to pasture.

Some of the horses end up in the 'Wild Horse Inmate Program", through which inmates at the East Canon Correctional Complex learn the non-coercive methods of horse whisperers to tame and train the horses for adoption.

'The Wild Horse Redemption' traces the incredible stories of both the horses and the inmates, masterfully intertwining their parallel fates and their mutual struggle towards rehabilitation.

Beautifully shot in the rugged foothills and big skies of southern Colorado, 'The Wild Horse Redemption' takes viewers on an intimate and uplifting journey of freedom, discipline, and redemption.

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