Jessica and Jewel

Jessica and Jewel
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Code: PCD08ISBN: 9781847150752Format: SoftcoverSeries: Pony Camp DiariesPages: 94Author: McKain, KellyAge Group: First ChaptersSize: 13 x 20
1st Edition
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This is a a lovely series, what girl doesn't have a diary to write in, we all can relate to that, and each book is illustrated (black and white) with all sorts of interesting things that you might draw in your diary if you were at a riding camp.


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I've been looking forward to Pony Camp for ages, and now I'm actually here! I can't wait to find out which pony I'll be getting! I specially chose to come this week because there's going to be a trail ride and cowboy camp out!

My little sister Tegan's with me, and I'm hoping there will be some younger girls for her to hang out with. Then I can make lots of new friends my own age.

I'm sure my stay at Sunnyside is going to be everything I've been dreaming of!

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