My Pony - DVD

My Pony - DVD
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ISBN: DVMPFormat: PALRated: E - Exempt from ClassificationRunning Time: Approx. 55 minsCountry of Origin: EnglandDVD Region: Not ShownAge Group: Family

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Beautifully English!

Product Overview

'My Pony' has been designed to help you find the pony of your dreams.

This programme will guide you through every aspect of buying a pony, giving you all the information you need to make your choice with confidence. Once purchased, your pony's needs are many, so you will find advice about pony care, feeding, shelter, security and safety.

More importantly, owning a pony is about enjoyment, so as well as being packed with facts and figures you will get to see plenty of ponies. Pick up lots of helpful hints from riders who've gained their experience first hand. Take it from them; a pony of your own may be hard work, but all things considered it's great fun and definately worth the effort!

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