Hidalgo - Blue-ray Disc

Hidalgo - Blue-ray Disc


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ISBN: BRHIDFormat: Blue-ray DiscSeries: Horse movieStarring: Viggio Mortensen, Omar SharifRunning Time: 136 minsCountry of Origin: USADirector: Joe JohnstonYear Published: 2004Age Group: Family
Equitainment Recommended
Fella Friendly

Equitainment's Comments

Terrific for all the family with an action packed story, and a movie all the blokes I know have thoroughly enjoyed.

It also has the added attraction of starring Viggo Mortensen, a big favourite amongst the younger ladies, and Omar Shariff, a favourite with the more mature. I've got a crush on both so I wonder where that leaves me :-)

Jody xxx

Product Overview

The excitement begins when famed horseman Frank T. Hopkins (Mortensen) enters a grueling competition - 'The Ocean of Fire' - with his mustang Hidalgo.

Together, they must not only survive a 3000-mile race across blistering desert terrain, they must also thwart evil competitors who vow victory at any cost.

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