Pony Luv - PC Game

Pony Luv - PC Game


For younger children, very sweet.
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Equitainment's Comments

A good value game for younger children. So very colourful, sweet little ponies to play with, this game is easy to load and get around. Keep your ponies well fed, watered, and cared for and your pony will have a better chance at winning and earning more money to enter Dressage and the Champion race.

My favourtie part is the tricks you can have your pony learn and the funniest part is having to get your pony to go to the toilet. Your pony has to have a nap now and then and once you earn money for a rug its soooo cute seeing your pony asleep with his/her rug on.

Very sweet!

Product Overview

If you've ever dreamed of owning your own horse, then Pony Luv is the perfect way to fulfil your ambition.

In Pony Luv, you get to raise elegant and adorable ponies that stay cute forever. Players are responsible for naming, feeding, grooming playing with their very own virtual ponies.

How well you meet these affects the bond you develop with your pet. With proper care and attention you'll be able to trainer your pony to perform tricks so you can enter him/her into competition and win prizes

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