No Turning Back - Unabridged CD (Audio)

No Turning Back - Unabridged CD (Audio)


Follow-on from Minna'a Quest.
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Code: KMPQ02ISBN: 9781846485190Format: Audio CD x 4Series: Audio bookStarring: Read by Evelyn McLeanRunning Time: 3 hrs 41 minsAuthor: Peyton, K. M.Age Group: Children
Equitainment Recommended

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Roman servant girl Minna has run away to the big city on her beloved horse, Silva. Hopelessly in love with the courageous commander Theo, her only thought is to gain his admiration - whatever it takes.

Spying a magnificent horse stolen from the Roman army, she sees her chance: steal back the stallion and win Theo's heart. But the horse is guarded by a wild band of thieves led by a ruthless warrior, and when Minna puts her plan into action, she sparks a deadly chain of events from which there can be no turning back.

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