Horse Sense

Horse Sense


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You know how you can go to you local newsagency and start buying part 1 of a series, well this one is on horses and this folder has a part of a series from pages 609 to 908.

Contents includes - (this is not all of the contents): Falabella; jumping faults; Indians in North America; bad behavior; Fell; training a pony to jump; highwaymen; household cavalry; western riding; Fjord; Bucephalus the brave; side saddle; Calgary stampede; Frederiksborg; lameness; how to lunge a pony; Freiberger; snaffles; Royal Mail; spearing the dragon; French Trotter; dressage; fitting tack; the mystery of the unicorn; the Grand National; Friesian; introduction to driving; schooling a stockhorse; Gelderland; Jousting; Badminton; Gotland; Settlers in Australia; ski-whizz; Groningen; In the wars; The Sydney Show;
looking after a foal; Hackney Horse and Pony; Enter the prophet; racing the flat; mounted games; Haflinger; improving a pony's jumping; pregnancy new life; Hanoverian; Aachen; Introduction to vaulting; Highland; jumping combinations; blazing saddles; trimming your pony; Holstein; Black Beauty and the birth of a foal.

Includes headings like: Types and breeds; Learning to ride; World of horses; Caring for a Pony; Understanding horses; and Advanced riding.

Big beautiful coloured pages, some double pages of lovely pictures and just as many pictures as there is writing. Very easy on the eye and well set out.

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