Midnite - HB

Midnite - HB


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Code: URSFormat: Hard BackPages: 140Country of Origin: AustraliaAuthor: Stow, RandolphAge Group: Older ChildrenSize: 14 x 20.5
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This Edition was published in 1968, it's in good pre-loved condition with some wear of the dust jacket, all in all pages are clean, yellowed on the edges of the pages and tightly bound. Has some foxing. Midnite consists of a few black & white illustrations and published by F. W. Cheshire.

Product Overview

A hundred years ago in Western Australia there lived a boy called Midnite. He was seventeen and all alone in the world except for five animals -

A rather silly cow called Dora, a tall and noble-minded horse called Red Ned, a short-tempered cockatoo called Major, and willing sheepdog called Gyp and a very wise and handsome Siamese cat called Khat.

Midnite himself, although nice, was not really very bright and it was Khat who first suggested that he might become a bushranger and call himself Captain Midnite.

His adventures - how he kept getting put in prison by his delightful but treacherous best friend, Trooper O'Grady, and how Khat and the other animals kept getting him out - are full of fun and excitment.

There was also a girl he wanted to marry, but she was rather treacherous too, not like Mrs. Chiffle who had always wanted to hide a bushranger under her bed. Even Queen Victoria was very upset by his bushranging...until he finally became a millionaire, and then of course everyone started being polite, though Midnite had no idea why.

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