Walers Go to War

Walers Go to War


Illustrated by Sue O'Laoughlin
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ISBN: 9780957795761Format: SoftcoverPages: 32Country of Origin: AustraliaAuthor: Farrer, VashtiAge Group: ChildrenSize: 18 x 25
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Another ripper from the Australian War Memorial, this time telling the story of the world-famous "Walers", the horses that carried our soldiers bravely to war. Learn how the early relatives of our very own 'Australian Stock Horses' got their name, went to war, what they did there and why they couldn't come home again.

Jody xxx

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Horses are strong, and loyal and more, but none so brave as the horses of war.

A fabulous book for children telling the story of the famous Australian war horse, The Waler, and the very important role it played in the First World War.

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